Hail is one of the most damaging weather conditions for agriculture. Hail can destroy entire cultivations, causing losses in the production which results in several years of negative consequences.

Our planet is undergoing a gradual yet constant climate change. Storms and hailstorms keep on beating down on fields and crops, endangering the whole agricultural system.

Our aim has always been to safeguard the growth of the crops, so we developed and produced nets of higher and higher quality. Our anti-hail nets protect not only fruits and vegetables from hail and frost, but also whole trees and plants, guaranteeing a safe growth of all cultivation.

Our anti-hail nets have a breaking tenacity of 3,20 kg per monofilament (single yarn) and are characterized by a two-yarns Leno weave (English weave). The nets are available in black, crystal, grey and other patterns. In addition to our wide range of standard widths, we also produce non-standard and custom measures by means of an accurate sewing process. All nets are provided with lateral and central selvedge, which can also be customized according to the client’s requirements.

Types of anti-hail nets